Qvidian Announces New Advancements to its Content Automation Platform

Latest Release Integrates Digital Playbooks for an End-to-End Guided Selling and Content Automation Solution

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--Qvidian, the innovator in sales execution solutions, today announced its newest release of Qvidian Content Automation, a dynamic sales asset management and delivery platform that increases win rates by improving how selling teams communicate value to buyers using the most relevant sales content. Qvidian's latest software release is focused on a radically advanced user experience and intelligent search capabilities, allowing users to take action quickly with streamlined searching and easier navigation.

"Qvidian is leading the market with the most compelling advancements in sales execution technology, and this latest release represents the collaboration and dedication we share with our customers."

In addition, this release provides deeper insight into what content is working and what's not through Qvidian's new advanced Content Analytics capability. Content Analytics, with multiple dashboards and visualizations, enhances content management processes by strategically monitoring user activity, as well as increasing efficiencies by ensuring use of only the best and most accurate content assets. Users are now equipped to determine how best to invest in content and make better decisions by analyzing trends.

"We continue to partner closely with our customers to ensure they have the most advanced sales execution capabilities to drive their desired business outcomes," said Karen Meyer, Vice President of Product at Qvidian. "Qvidian is leading the market with the most compelling advancements in sales execution technology, and this latest release represents the collaboration and dedication we share with our customers."

Customers now have the ability to strengthen their proposal and sales content initiatives through intelligent search features and personalized content assembly. Qvidian's intelligent search guides users to applicable content assets, dynamically delivering the most appropriate resources for each selling situation. Then the most applicable content is automatically compiled based on situational selling criteria and selective user input, enabling customers to have the right conversations with buyers and sell smarter.

The latest release expands on Qvidian's unique approach to sales asset assembly and delivery. Having the most relevant sales content for each particular selling situation is the proven way to stay agile and deliver a successful sales methodology that wins repeatedly. Underscoring the need for timely content that is easily accessible, this release also provides users with quick access to content through Digital Playbooks integration using a "smart retrieval" capability that automatically serves the best set of content and resources.

Qvidian Content Automation solution is available today. To learn more about Qvidian and see how innovative organizations are achieving sales execution success, visit - www.qvidian.com

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